Aqua Cremation

What is aquamation and why is it better than traditional cremation?

Aquamation is a revolutionized form of cremation, which instead of flame, uses water to dissolve the body composites of an organism. Similarly, only the bones are left, but finer and more sands are produced through aquamation. This can make it seem as if you have more of your pet with you.

The whole process is also graceful. Aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis, resembles the natural process when a deceased organism is buried into the ground. It uses 5% alkali and 95% water. Over time, the chemical will be fully utilized, and the remaining liquid filled now with nutrients may be safely used as an organic fertilizer.

Now, you can cherish your departed best friend while ensuring that you do not add to the environment’s problem of harmful greenhouse gases. You keep your pet happily, and you get to protect your friends’ and relatives’ health as well. Over a thousand veterinarians recommend this option to their families.

Select this plan if your pet has passed on, and you are looking for aquamation services only, this plan includes a deluxe urn.