A Timeless Memory To Commemorate Your Best Friend

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Bischoff’s is Your Most Trusted Los Angeles Pet Preservation Service

We as pet owners have lost family members over the years and understand that in the past our options were limited with burial and cremation being the only services offered. At Bischoff’s, we offer unique and more intimate ways to memorialize our best friends, so it’ll seem that they’re still with us, which is why we are one of the best options for Los Angeles pet preservation.

Bischoff’s Pet Preservation offers you a compassionate and timeless alternative. It’s a new state of the art process that gives pet owners a way to preserve their pet in a natural looking and restful state.

Professional, Compassionate Service

Bischoff’s Pet Preservation has been offering high quality and compassionate services since 1922. Currently, we remain as the exclusive one-stop shop for pet preservation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our history goes back a long way, and we intend to carry on providing pet owners with professional, high-quality, and thoughtful services and solutions to commemorate the lives of their beloved pets.

We understand the circumstances you are dealing with, and we wanted to show it by extending aftercare services and flexible payment schemes. For more options, we also have custom pet portraits, deluxe urn selections, and other preservation services.

Freeze-Drying Process

We know it’s hard to let go of family members we used to spend a lot of time with. In our hearts, we can only wish that they could live forever. And that’s why we offer the freeze-drying option. Unlike traditional taxidermy, this process results in a more lifelike appearance of your departed pets.

Freeze-drying will not only leave your pet’s appearance similar to how they looked before passing, it will also retain your pet’s original size and shape, keeping the body firm and intact. While we recommend a lying down or sleeping position for your pets, we can also manage sitting up and standing poses depending on your pet’s size.

More importantly, you will be able to gently pet and carry your pet in this preserved state just like you did when they were alive. With consistent care, your pet’s memorial can last a lifetime.

Aquamation / Alkaline Hydrolysis

We want to pay our respects and treat our pets with honor when they pass, that’s why we have several options to achieve this, and one is by keeping mementos. Aquamation is a unique and environmentally responsible process that is also a more peaceful substitute to cremation. Aquamation uses a combination of gentle water flow, alkalinity, and temperature to accelerate the natural course of tissue hydrolysis. Unlike flame cremation, this process does not emit harmful greenhouse gases and utilizes 90% less energy.

This is a thoughtful way to treasure your deceased loved ones while promoting a healthier environment for everyone at the same time.

Additional Services

Aside from pet preservation and aquamation, it might also be a good idea to keep photos of your pet. These keepsakes are easier to maintain and may be brought anywhere with you. We also offer custom pet portrait service, which we ensure will portray your pets’ best moments.

We also provide plans that include  skeletal articulation. Or instead of life size preservation, you can choose whether we will preserve a heart, skull, paw, or tail.

And lastly  our wide array of urn designs that are sure to fit your preferences. Selected urns are complimentary when you purchase any of our plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet  preservation is a unique and meaningful way to honor the memory of our beloved pets.
These FAQs will provide answers to common questions regarding animal family pet preservation, including the process and services.

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What Is Pet Preservation?

Pet preservation freeze-drying is a process used to preserve a deceased pet. This process involves placing the pet in a sub-zero freezer, where it is frozen at an extremely low temperature. Once the body is frozen, it is placed in a vacuum chamber, where the ice crystals in the body are removed through a process called sublimation. This process removes all the moisture from the body, leaving behind a perfectly preserved pet. The body is then treated with a special solution to help maintain its shape and color. The preserved pet can then be posed in a lifelike position and displayed in the owner’s home. Pet preservation freeze-drying is a unique way for owners to keep their pet’s memory alive and honor their life.

What is the difference between aquamation and pet preservation?

Pet aquamation and pet preservation are two different methods used for after-care of deceased pets. Pet aquamation, also known as water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis, is a process that uses water, heat, and alkaline chemicals to break down the body of the deceased pet into its basic components. The end result is sterile bones that can be turn into ashes.

Pet preservation, on the other hand, is a process that involves freezing and drying the body of the deceased pet to preserve it for display. The process of pet preservation freeze-drying is detailed in the previous question.

Is Pet Preservation Available in Los Angeles?

Yes, Bischoff’s Pet Preservation is available in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, and throughout Southern California. We are available in the local area and offer pet preservation as one of our services.

What Is Involved in the Bone-cleaning Process for My Beloved Pet?
The bone-cleaning procedure involves thoroughly degreasing and sanitizing the pet’s bones to remove any residual tissue and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Furthermore, the bones are pieced together to create a complete skeleton.

Can Memorial Services Be Held for Pets Who Have Undergone Preservation?

Yes, memorial services can be held for animals who have undergone Pet Aquamation or Pet Preservation. These services can be held at a pet cemetery or in a private setting that is meaningful to the pet’s family.

Can Traditional Taxidermy or Freeze-Dry Be Combined With Skeleton Preservation?

No, as with pet preservation freeze-drying- part of the skeleton structure is used for best results.

What Happens to the Pet's Ashes after Aquamation?

The pet’s ashes are typically returned to the pet’s family in an urn. Some families choose to scatter the ashes in a meaningful location, while others prefer to keep the urn in their home as a memorial to their beloved pet.

Can I Preserve the Bones of Birds and Small Mammals Through Pet Skeleton Taxidermy?

Yes, preservation services are available for all types of furry friends, including birds, dogs, cats, and small mammals.

We understand that losing a beloved pet can be difficult, no matter the size or species, and we are here to help keep their memory.

Can I Choose a Specific Method of Preservation for My Friend's Remains?

A; Yes, we offer a variety of Pet Preservation methods, including paw preservation,Heart Preservation, skull preservation, skeletal articulation and Pet Aquamation. Our team will work with you to choose the best option for your animal’s remains and your family’s wishes.

Do You Offer Memorial Products or Services for My Beloved Pet?

Yes, we offer a variety of memorial products and services, including memorial urns, life size preservation, paw preservation, heart preservation, and skull preservation, to help families preserve the memory of their beloved friends.

Some clients choose to have their pet aquamated and placed in a cedar urn, while others prefer to have their pet’s ashes scattered at the “Rainbow Bridge.”

A vet can often provide guidance on the different options available for pet aftercare and help owners navigate the grieving process.

Shipping options may also be available for out of state clients, making it easier for them to receive their pet’s memorials.