Bischoff’s Proudly Offers Pet Preservation

Bischoff’s proudly offers this special service to pet owners looking for an alternative to burial or cremation.


 Pet preservation creates a lasting memorial for your pet with natural looking results. It’s a freeze drying process that is different from traditional taxidermy in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Unlike common preservation methods, our unique process will assure quality and longevity of your preserved pet.

Best of all, our unique process will keep your pet’s body intact, retaining their original size and shape. This helps capture the familiar look that you are used to seeing in your pet. More importantly, you will be able to gently hug and pet your friend like usual.

Why Choose Our Method

Modern taxidermy has been around for more than a hundred years and is a widespread method used in acquiring permanent memorabilia of our departed pets. Pet freeze-drying, although a relatively new process, offers pet owners comfort from losing loved ones by giving them a more lifelike remembrance of their pets.

Pet preservation gives us a chance to remain close to our longtime friends, for as long as we want. And with freeze-drying, the process carefully keeps your pets looking as good as they did before they passed. You can imagine them behaving just like their old selves but only choosing to stay peacefully beside you. Your pet will look very natural and, even up close, it will be difficult to tell any difference at all. With some care, your pet can be held, carried, or even gently petted.

Pet Preservation Process

In preparation, you must place your pet in the freezer shortly after passing. However, be mindful to avoid freezer burn. Prior to dropping your pet off, it must be frozen for at least 24-hours. Once we have your precious pet, we can discuss how you want it to look. We recommend a sleeping or lying down position. Depending on your pets size, standing and sitting up poses may also be an option. While we try our best to achieve your desired pose, please bear in mind that there are some limitations to how they can be positioned.

Our preservation process entails the use of our special equipment. Performing vacuum application, and lowering  pressure. It is then completed by adding heat so that the formed ice will sublimate. Due to the low temperature, it will leave the rehydrated preserved body in an excellent condition.

You can also choose to keep your pet’s eyes either closed or open in order to show their charm and character. When appropriate, we can put extra effort in grooming your pet for instance, when you request to add a little weight so that he or she will look healthy again.

Do not worry about transporting your pet to us. We provide free pick-up from your veterinarian’s office if it’s within 30 miles of our location in North Hollywood. Unfortunately, we do not pick up pets from homes. Because we do not want to burden you further, we offer various payment and prepayment plans to  better suit your needs.

Due to its delicate and precise method, freeze-drying may take approximately 6 to 12 months to be completed depending on your pet’s density, desired pose, and size.

We know how important your pet is to you. That’s why we started our pet preservation service. So you will remember your pet, exactly as they were, for years to come.

The Aftercare

A few things to avoid to keep your pet’s body in great condition are direct sunlight, high humidity, open flames, and pests. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause fading of colors over time. Also, accidentally getting your pet wet may affect its frozen preserved state. And lastly, be extra mindful of insects and other pests that might ruin the surface of your pet.

From the smallest hamster or lizard to the largest breeds of dogs, or even a horse. We have preserved thousands of pets over our almost 100 years in business!

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