Pet Preservation

Bischoff’s Proudly Offers this Special Service

We proudly offer this special service to pet owners looking for an alternative to burial or cremation.

Pet preservation creates a lasting memorial to your pet with natural looking results. It’s a freeze drying process that is different than traditional taxidermy.

Best of all, our unique process will keep your pet’s body intact, retaining their original size and shape. This helps capture the familiar look that you are used to seeing in your pet.

We recommend a sleeping or lying down position. Your pet will look very natural and, even up close, it will be difficult to tell any difference at all. Depending on your pets size, standing and sitting up poses may also be an option.

With some care, your pet can be held, carried, or even gently petted.

We know how important your pet is to you. That’s why we started our pet preservation service. So you will remember your pet, exactly as they were, for years to come.

From the smallest hamster or lizard to the largest breeds of dogs, or even a horse. We have preserved thousands of pets over our almost 100 years in business

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