Partnership Information

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Bischoff’s Pets!

Our purpose at Bischoff’s is to create and enhance business to business loyalty and build strong mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Want to get started or learn more? Please fill out our form to the right. Once submitted a representative from Bischoff’s will contact you to complete the process.

With our partnership, you’ll be able to offer our array of Pet Preservation services (After-Care) to your clientele. Our partnership options are flexible to suit your business model. Our packages for pet owners range from just $900 *(basic) to $6,800 *Premium (determined by pet’s weight) for most in-house pets. Additionally, plans can go up to $18,000 for a horse and $50,000 for cloning. We understand the cost involved in some of these options and offer financing and flexible payment plans. Our presence in your facility will organically generate a steady revenue stream for your business.