Pet Preservation 36 Month Prepayment Plan

We as pet owners have lost family members over the years and understand that in the past our options were limited with burial and cremation being the only services offered.

Until now, Bischoff’s Pet Preservation offers you a compassionate and timeless alternative. It’s a new state of the art process that gives pet owners a way to preserve their pet in a natural-looking and restful state.

Select this plan if your pet is healthy and you wish to prepay for preservation services in advance when the day comes and your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, you will have the desired services paid off, the preservation process will start as soon as possible.

Note: This service cannot be combined in the same shopping cart as any of our a la carte services (heart preservation, paw preservation, etc). If you wish to purchase both this preservation plan and a la carte options available in combination with this service, you will have the option to so from the additional options drop down menu when placing your order. Otherwise it’ll require two separate checkouts/purchases.