Join A Rich Historical Tradition
That Spans Millennia

By preserving your pet you’ll be joining a rich tradition that started with the ancient Egyptians. They developed one of the earliest forms of preservation. Starting around 2200 BC, they embalmed royal pets to be buried in their Pharaoh’s tomb.

The art of preserving pets and exotic animals was also practiced by the people of Greece, Rome, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Ancient Britain, and many other cultures across the globe.

To this day, many European royal families preserve the pets they love dearly.

Why Choose Bischoff’s Pet Preservation?

Bischoff’s was founded in 1922 by Al Bischoff.

For nearly a century, we’ve used our professionals skills to offer pet owners unique and respectful memorials for their companions who have passed on.

We have had the honor of preserving world renown pet actors like Roy Rodgers “Trigger” & “Bullet”. Also “Buck” from Married with Children and many more for everyone from A-List Actors and musicians to the common folk. All pets are stars in our eyes.

You can rely on us to give your pet the utmost respect with accurate, efficient, and high-quality service for your pet’s memorial.

Bischoff’s Additional Signature Pet Memorial Services

Other available options to commemorate your pet include:

Skeletal Articulation

Heart Preservation (In Glass Dome)


Custom Portraits

Skull Bronzing

Paw Preservation

Skull Preservation

We can help you create a unique and meaningful memorial to express the genuine individuality of your beloved pet.

You know your pet better than anyone else – We’ve got years of experience. Together, we’ll create the perfect memorial for your loved one.

We’ve Been There

Losing your pet is hard. We’ve gone through that ourselves. That’s why we understand and feel the pain, grief and loss of every pet passing.

At Bischoff’s, we sympathize with your loss. Your precious family member will be treated and commemorated with love and respect.

Memorializing your pet is not just a business… It’s a calling for us.

We dedicate a lot of time and loving respect to each pet. This is why we can only accept a limited number of clients per year for this service.

To Ensure Our Pet Preservation Service for Your Loved One,
Please Contact Us.

We’d Love to Help You Memorialize Your Pet in a Unique and Deserving Way.